Q. What if my child tries to take it off the door?

DECCO the Toddler Monitor senses motion. If the device is set to "on guard" and a child moves a door, or touches him, you will receive the alert. Motion, regardless of what the cause is will trigger an alert. You can also use and over-the-door hook or a 3M Command hook and hang DECCO the Toddler Monitor up high if you don't want your child to touch him.  

Q. I am a heavy sleeper, will I be able to hear the alerts? 

DECCO the Toddler Monitor alerts in similar tones and volume to your phone alarm. If this level of alert would wake you, then you would be able to be alerted by DECCO the Toddler Monitor. You have the ability to tailor the style and volume of alert to suit your needs. 

Q. How sensitive is the motion detection?

We understand that Toddlers can be sneaky, so we allow for three levels of sensitivity to meet your families' needs. At the highest setting the device is extremely sensitive and may register subtle movement. We suggest you start at the highest sensitivity and reduce the level if you are getting false alerts. 

Q. Is Bluetooth range sufficient to cover my house?

We are using the latest and greatest in Bluetooth LE (BLE) technology, it’s actually the same technology used by Porsche, Ducati and BMW. Our BLE chip gets 100 feet (30 meters) of range in direct line of sight. While this will vary in homes based on the construction we are seeing excellent coverage of a 2000 – 3000 square foot home and have had full coverage of homes up to 5000 square feet.

Q. How many DECCO the Toddler Monitors can I use at once?

You can pair and control up to three DECCO the Toddler Monitors to one phone.

Q. Can my spouse or childcare provider use DECCO the Toddler Monitor?

Yes, up to three devices can be paired to one Toddler Monitor, but only the phone that sets the device will receive the notifications when there is movement.

Q. Does using a Toddler Monitor guarantee the safety of my child?

No, DECCO the Toddler Monitor is an aid for parents and provides no guarantee of safety. Click here to see our disclaimer.

Q. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Click here to see our full guarantee.

Q. What comes with DECCO the Toddler Monitor?

Each box contains: one DECCO the Toddler Monitor device, one USB charge cord, one user Guide, unlimited downloads of the Android or iOS phone apps

Q. How long does the battery last?

The battery will last for about 7 days with regular use. Recharging may take up to two hours.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

We are currently only available in North America. We hope to be available in more broadly soon!