Toddler Monitor Co-Founders Krista Teare and Lisa Caruso

What would you do if you found a sprinkler cuddled up next to your child’s favourite teddy?

How would you feel if you were sure that sprinkler had been on the lawn the night before?

For our co-founder Krista, this was not just a nightmare, but a Tuesday morning. Her little Houdini had managed to crawl out the doggie door, across the lawn, and back into bed without anyone even rolling over. Needless to say, we were both shaken. How had Declan made it outside undetected? Our imaginations got the better of us, constructing elaborate scenarios, each more terrifying than the last. Pretty soon we were convinced that Declan had battled rabid racoons and evaded an alien abduction. OK, OK, so maybe that’s a little unrealistic but how would we know, no one even KNEW he was outside. In hopes to drown out the monsters in our heads and better yet, a solution, we turned to the internet. Our trusty friend Google, just added to our nightmares, newsreels of similar stories greeted our searching, and yet there were no solutions to be found.

Disappointed, sleep deprived, but fuelled by our overactive imaginations, we put our business-women caps on and got to work. We set out to design a product that could quiet our imagination, a simple motion detector sync’d with a smart phone app, bringing back some peace of mind. For every doubt we had about developing our product, we had three new fears keeping us up at night. So, a few glasses of wine, a lot of passion and several rounds of development later we launched Toddler Monitor.

Decco, the toddler monitor, is the reason we can sleep soundly at night. Well as soundly as you can sleep with two toddlers at home. Decco has become our personal sidekick, whether we’re putting the kids to sleep at home, tucking them into bunk beds at the cabin, or off for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa. We’ve come a long way from a baffled mom with a sprinkler in her hand, but our mission stays the same, keeping kids safe. So, while we can’t solve all your toddler problems… here’s to the peace of mind that comes when you know your child is where they ought to be. Safe, sound and asleep in their beds.

Even Super Hero parents need a sidekick! Let Decco take the nightshift.

Much Love,
Krista and Lisa